Venture Development Intern

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  • You are highly ambitious and equipped with an entrepreneurial mindset
  • You are passionate about Healthcare and want to shape the industry in an emerging market
  • You have collected first experiences in Consulting, Startup, VC, Venture Building, or similar fast-paced environments
  • You have a high level of ownershipYou have the "Do-whatever-it-takes" attitude and uncompromising work ethic
  • You are at the end of your studies or have already graduated with a top GPA

Your Responsibilities

  • Identify themes or problem statements in the healthcare space and build a repository
  • On approval of concept notes, build an extensive research report and investment memo and define hypotheses to be validated
  • Talk to potential stakeholders and validate each hypothesis defined
  • Build a website and MVP, create ads, start social media, talk to stakeholders, manage logistics, etc. to validate the hypotheses
  • Create a pitch deck, investment memo, financial model, and way forward document, which includes milestones for fund release from Pulse 63